REVIEW: ‘Book of Shadows’ (WICCA #1) – Cate Tiernan



I was obsessed with reading books about witches when I was a child – progressing to this series when I was about 13-14, which I became absolutely captivated with. I was probably ready for the transition from stories about cauldrons and broomsticks, to the exploration of what’s essentially a religion celebrating mother nature and our connection to it.

I can’t speak on it’s accuracy in terms of how Wicca is depicted, but Teirnan’s fictionalized version was certainly compelling to me at the time, and re-reading the first book in the series now as a 29 year old, I think it’s explained in a way that is detailed and compelling yet completely palatable to the reader.
Morgan, the main character, is introduced to Wicca as a complete novice, going on to explore her connection with it as the series progresses – as a reader we are present for every second of her discovery of a world that she didn’t know existed and what her place in it is.
She also has a lot to learn in terms of family, friendships and romantic relationships so I understand the appeal to it’s intended age group but I also think it’s a great example of urban fantasy, if like me that happens to be your not so secret guilty pleasure (#sorrynotsorry.)

I’ve had the urge to re-read this series for a while and eventually relented when I was really ill and in need of a comfort read when I was home from hospital and feeling sorry for myself! I’m looking forward to continuing with the series and seeing how it’s stood the test of time.

P.S. I recommend purchasing in the omnibus editions of this series because you’ll fly through them.

Note: This series was published under the name ‘Sweep’ in the USA, 2001 and ‘Wicca’ in the UK/Ireland/Australia.

The edition pictured was published by Puffin, 2002.

IBSN 0-141-31400-1

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