REVIEW: ‘Mother of Rebellion’ – B.K. Boes


~ I was given copy of this title by the author in exchange for an honest review, I’m not associated with the author or publisher in any way and the views expressed are completely unbiased and entirely my own. ~

My rating: ☆☆☆☆

‘Mother of Rebellion’ is the first book in the Leyumin Divided Saga written by B.K. Boes. It’s an epic fantasy told from the perspective of five characters, each from a different part of the continent of Leyumin, which has been at war for a millennia. Each will have a role to play in Leyumins unification as their individual paths and the decisions that they make sow the seeds of change.

I absolutely love epic fantasy with multiple POV’s so this was right up my alley and didn’t fail to disappoint. When done correctly it should keep you turning the pages as you become absorbed in each person’s story, not wanting to move on to the next one, however when you do that one sucks you in just the same way. Before you know it ‘one more chapter’ has turned into half of the book, as was the case here.

The only reason I would rate 4* rather than 5* is because I would have liked a little extra in terms of the background history of the continent of Leyumin. While I understood each individual character and their motivation, I felt like I was missing a bit of understanding of the scope of the world that they are living in.
In saying that, what the author has achieved here is an epic fantasy that actually feels very intimate and personal due to the themes that are explored.

I would also have liked to have seen more of a link between the five characters, although I’m hopeful that this is to come in further installments, which I’m looking forward to – I particularly have a soft spot for Jabin and I really want to know what happens to him! ❤

~ Thanks to B.K. Boes and Beyond Here Publishing for the opportunity to review this title ~

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