REVIEW: ‘The Finisher’ – David Baldacci


Released back in 2014, ‘The Finisher’ is the first title in the ‘Vega Jane’ series, and adult suspense author David Baldacci’s first venture into YA Dystopia.

By sheer coincidence, the fourth installment is released next week so it must have been fate that led to pick it up in a charity shop last week for 2 quid.

‘The Finisher’ first caught my eye when it was released in paperback a few years ago because at the time I’d recently been given one of the authors adult suspense novels to read and really enjoyed it.
For some reason I just never committed to buying it, I think because at the time the YA dystopian market was so saturated that I thought it would be one of those titles you have high hopes for but it just let’s you down. Suffice to say I had low expectations, so it was such a pleasant surprise to me how into this novel I got!
The writing style and language used by the character’s did take a minute to get used to and I appreciate other reviewers feelings regarding this, but idk I think I just fell in love with Vega Jane a little bit! I really feel for her, almost as if she’s a younger sister or something.

This combined with Baldacci’s skill as an author, I’m happy to say that in my opinion, this is one of the better series in this genre – I need to read the sequel immediately!

My rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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